Mustang Parts for the Mustang enthusiast.

If you just bought your classic car and never owned one before, feel free to give us a call.

They are not like driving a new car with fuel injection. They are carbureted, they have points

not electronic ignition. No power brakes no disc brakes they don't stop on a dime. Call us

we can help.

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Maybee you would like to convert your Classic Mustang to Disc brakes we offer kits that are easy to install. Maybee

you have a V8 and would like to upgrade to a 4 barrel Carburetor to get a little more get up and go. We can help

Call us anytime. If its a question you have for your old car feel free to call or text anytime.

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Care for your Pony

If you have questions on detailing your car, maybee want to upgrade your interior call us we can let you know

were to start. We are a TMI upholstery dealers. Also Carry Scott Drake parts at competitive prices. Call us any time or text us.

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I usto work for J&K Mustang in Sacramento around the Corner from Sacramento Mustang both stores are now closed.

I closed J&K Mustang in October of 2017

Roseville Mustang was open June of 2018



Make sure you check these fine products for your Mustang from California Pony Car