There are things you can do to save money when building your classic Mustang.

Four zero steel wool can be used on items that are metal to shine back to New. Here is a list of things on a 1965-1968 Mustang that come back like new. Unless they have been exposed to mosture and are bubbled.

1.Stainless around windows

2.Crome Bumpers

3. Wing window metal

4.Window and door handles inside

5.Outside Crome mirror not glass just crome

6.Glove Box door crome parts

7.manual transmission crome trim

8. Steering wheel horn trim

9. Heater plate and knobs

10.Sunvisor rods and mirror bracket

11.Shifter crome and handle crome

anything else that is real metal not plastic crome can save you alot of money by doing it yourself. For windshield I recomend a paper towel and a product called Nothings better, it is a white powder that when mixed with water makes a abrasive paste. But don’t get on anything but glass. It can damage aluminum and paint jobs.

If the vinyl in your vehicle is in good shape but discolored you could try die ing it with vinyl spray, but must be wiped down with something so won’t get fish eye when spraying.

Inside metal such as a black interior car, its all painted with black laquer paint. It must be prepared before painting by getting rid of silicones, armoralls and such before painting also must be scuffed to take shine off before painting. You can use a scotch brite pad from auto store like purple color pad, or if your trying to be thrifty maybee a green scotch brite like you would use doing dishes will work from dollar tree. Do not use Choirboy products here that brillo thats metal will scratch the finish and ruin your paint work. Make shure you blue tape and mask of things you don’t want sprayed. Also make sure its warm outside paint in well ventalated area.

Plastic items like the lens in speedometer can be reused clean lens once out of housing and polish them with crest tooth paste. They will start to look like new then use some automotive wax on them to shine them up. You can also use Meguiars scratch X that works good to polish plastic too.

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