When shopping for a Classic Mustang

Some things to consider when buying a Mustang, you have to ask yourself how much money

do I have to spend. You have to consider some of the most expensive things to repair when

restoring a classic Mustang. You might save yourself your hard earned dollars when shopping

for that classic Mustang.

Body straightness and paint.

First place I recommend you look is under the floor pans look for rust right were your feet are

normally placed. Both in the front and the rear. Another place to look is pop the hood and around

the Radiator Support were the front aprons attach to the radiator support. Ford always used spot

welds not globs of braze welding. Also look on top of the aprons for wrinkles, if a car has never been hit they will look straight . Go to the back of the car were gas tank is look at rear frame rails

for straightness. Also look in the trunk for rust areas at tail light panel brackets also the cubby were

rear quarters meet pinch welds, there are drains there that should allow water to drip out . Also look around front and rear windows around moldings for rust. Look for cracks at C panels were to much power caused body to flex. If its been rainging outside touch around at carpet sell it if wet. Which if it is would inidicate a leak in possibly around front windshield or a rotted cowl.

If your a DIY person you can save alot of money working on things yourself. Body work isn’t one of them. But engine work, upholstrey, interior paint. If you have a question please leave a comment down here and your email address. Thanks

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